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Contribute to the communities and the conservation projects by giving donation to our PROGRAMS...

Environmental Restoration at Bgy. Sta. Cruz 2007

Start making a difference today!

Join PCC’s cause to empower Palawan out-of-school youth today and also be a part of PCC Environmental Restoration and Information Education Communication Advocacy.  You too can help the PCC youth reach their potential simply by donating funds for the different project areas, equipment and materials for our programs, or your time and services.

Here's an example of the format we might use to list our projects for donation:

      Yes, I want to help by making a cash donation to the project fund:


________________Cash donation of Php. 200.00

________________Cash donation of Php. 500.00

________________Cash donation of Php. 700.00

________________Cash donation of Php. 1,000.00

________________Cash donation of Php. _________


      Yes, I want to help by making a cash donation to the following program areas:


________________Food for Residential Program

________________Youth Trainings

________________Alumni Youth Scholarship

________________Environmental Restoration Projects

________________Information Education Communication   (IEC) Advocacy Materials

________________Nature Park

________________PLEASE Federation

In the amount of Php._______________


      Yes, I want to assist PCC’s effort so too I can start making a difference today! I would like to contribute the following items or services for use in the PCC’s out-of-school youth training activities.





Name of Org: __________________________________

Your Name:  ___________________________________

Address: ______________________________________

Tel/Fax/Email   :_________________________________


Please mail this to the PCC:


Make check or money order payable to Palawan Conservation Corps PNB bank account #459-830058-0 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan 5300, Philippines


 All donations directly benefit the PCC’s residential, IEC Advocacy and environmental programs.

Environmental and Leadership Youth Congress 2005

Our program focus on the six months residentila program of out-of-school youth in Palawan; Environmental Restoration in some of remote areas in Puerto Princesa CIty, Philippines as well as the Information Education Communication (IEC) Advocacy.  

For inquiry regarding our program:

Please call us at (+6348) 434-5343

We will update this page frequently so be sure to check back!

Please feel free to email us at:

Environmental Restoration in Puerto Princesa City

Residential Program-OSY Leadership Training

Water Shed Restoration at Barangay Santa Cruz 2007

By Working Together...Together We Get There...
Community Hands in Their Team Building Activity...

Palawan Conservation Corps
3rd Floor Puerto Princesa City Coliseum
National Hi-way, Barangay San Pedro
Puerto Princesa City
Palawan #5300
Telefax: +6348.723.0132

Palawan Conservation Corps is duly registered with the
Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission #A199908338