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Participation of communities in the restoration

The province of Palawan is considered by the international community as a Biodiversity Hotspot. This indicates an extra ordinary diversity of species that are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Current practices in illegal logging, illegal quarrying, and slash and burn agriculture are causing severe forest depletion in many of Puerto Princesa’s 66 barangays, which lead to soil erosion in watershed areas, riverbanks, eco-tourism destinations and coastal communities. Families are forced to practice such environmentally destructive livelihoods in order to feed their children.

How can we conserve the diversity and maintain the health of our natural eco-systems while at the same time, meet the materials needs and aspirations of an increasing number of people? It is essential for the people in such critical environment to attain a balanced relationship with the natural world.

The PCC is dedicated to create this balance.

Verdant Forest of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

On this page we will tell you about PCC's Projects for the Youth, Community and the Environment...

PCC 6 Months Residential Program for OSY

PCC is a non-profit NGO (Non-Government Organization) dedicated to the empowerment of Out-of-School Youth (OSY) from the rural areas of Puerto Princesa City. Palawan, Philippines. Every school year, OSY take part in PCC's 6-months RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM. These youth’s ages 18-24 years old pass through a rigorous screening process whereby only the most competent among the applicant's are selected.


These Corpsmember pay no tuition or fees to various training workshops and supplemental academic education they receive through the program. PCC puts a premium on environmental consciousness, community service & leadership as Corpsmember work as volunteers in different communities in Puerto Princesa City.


The PCC trainings are not exclusive to Corpsmembers; the youth from neighboring schools and communities are invited to take part in the workshop series that the Corpsmembers enjoy. The PCC Campus/Training Site is located at the Rural Agricultural Center, Bgy. Salvacion, Puerto Princesa City. The Campus includes a Dormitory, Library, Training Site, Farm, Tree Nursery, Nature Park and an Organic Vegetable Garden. The Program's service area includes communities surrounding the Puerto Princesa Bay, Ulugan Bay, and Honda Bay areas.

OSY Participated toTESDA Building Wiring Workshop

PCC recently won the 2004 KABALIKAT Awards from Technical Educational Skills Development Authority (TESDA) being greatly recognized for its exemplary contribution in the advance of technical-vocational education and training in the country.

Alternative Learning Programs – Empowerment trainings include alternative education sessions that promote well-being, develop strong work ethics and provide basic education among the youths. Life skills training (values, leadership, team building, decision-making), wellness sessions and life skills, first-aid, sports, etc and alternative basic education ensure well-balanced environmental leaders.

INTERNATIONAL WORK CAMP – In 2003, PCC initiated the first international exchange for American conservationists to conduct riverbank restoration projects in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The technical expertise for this has been the result of an ongoing partnership with Earthcorps where PCC has sent young professionals on a 6-month environmental training in Seattle, Washington State, USA since FY 2000. PCC provides bioengineering and soil erosion control training with the participation of corpsmembers, partner NGO’s and LGU’s, Earthcorps international and CARPUS Germany. A similar camp funded by USAID in 2004 focused on resource management and environmentally protected areas.

PALAWAN LEAGUE OF ENVIRONMENTAL ADVOCATES FOR SUSTAINABLE ECOSYSTMES (PLEASE) FEDERATION – Formed in 2004, the PLEASE is composed of in-school and out-of-school youths from seven different rural barangays. It is critical to the success of PCC’s environmental education and restoration projects. With PCC’s guidance, these seven communities plan and implement their own environmental activities.

PLEASE Participants to the Ecological Congress

IEC Ecologcal Theater Caravan with our OSY

INFORMATION EDUCATION COMMUNICATION (IEC) ADVOCACY on March 2005, PCC initiated to organize the first Teachers Training Workshop on Magkaka-ugnay or the Web of Life which was participated by 45 elementary teachers in Puerto Princesa.  The goal of the workshop is to spread the importance of a healthy and balanced environment, teachers committed to integrate Magkaka-ugnay to their curriculum and share to their students the challenge that our Mother Earth facing nowadays, as well as to advocate young generation to protect and conserve their environment.

Part of IEC Advocacy is the Ecological Theater Caravan where students of PCC shared their talents by performing on stage showcasing the importance of the environment as well as the issues that affect one ecosystem. The ecological theater caravan was shown in different coastal barangays of Puerto Princesa, particularly in elementary schools of Honda Bay, Ulugan Bay and the city proper. 

With partnership of the City Schools Division Office of the Department of Education and Fellows In Environmental Leadership Development (FIELD) and Japan Fund for Global Environment. In addition, PCC produced IEC materials, such as Manual on Magkaka-ugnay or the Web of Life, posters on Environmental Restoration, Residential Program and other, stickers and brochure.

And in October of 2008 PCC conducted Teachers Training Workshop on the Web of Life held at the Asturias Hotel in Puerto Princesa City and participated by the elementary teachers in Palawan. This time PCC introduced CLIMATE Book or CoLlective Information about ATmosphere and Earth, the goal of this training is to tap the teachers to teach their students the importance of the issues on climate change and global warming.  

The same year of 2008 PCC shared this project to the elementary and high school teachers of Calapan City, in Mindoro and this was held on December 19-21 at El Pueblo Rhizort. The training was a big success with the help of the Conservation International Philippines who funded the two workshops in Palawan and Calapan, Mindoro, carrying the theme: “Guro Kabalikat sa Pagpapalaganap ng Kahalagahan ng Kapaligiran (Teachers Partners in Spreading the Importance of Environment).




Palawan Conservation Corps

(Promoting Environmental Conservation Through

 Youth and Community Empowerment Since 1999)



The PEOPLE and Out-Of-School-Youth (OSY) in Rural Communities are working in Eco-Friendly Sustainable Livelihoods, Ecologically Aware and Committed to Conserve and Protect the Environment, thus Creating Healthy and Balanced Ecosystems.




PCC is an Non-Government Organization (NGO) Dedicated to Conserve Fragile Environment of Puerto Princesa and Palawan through Empowerment of Out-of-School-Youth (OSY) and People in the Rural Communities, to Improve their Environment and Living Conditions by Providing Residential Trainings to OSY, Community-Based Environmental Restoration, Sustainable Eco-Friendly Livelihoods and Environmental Education.

Environmental Restoration at Barangay Lucbuan

ENVIRONMENTAL RESTORATION for the past three years, PCC has successfully facilitated the selection of 11 young environmentalists (nation-wide) to undergo a 6-month training on environmental restoration in Seattle, WA in the EarthCorps and Greenway Program. They learn about soil erosion, bio-engineering, reforestation, trail maintenance and construction, repair of recreational facilities, watershed restoration and erosion control, exotic species control and planting of indigenous species, etc. 


Upon their return, they perform environmental work with PCC to teach communities about conservation.  The EarthCorps program in Seattle has provided PCC with many Filipino graduates skilled and trained to do restoration projects in Palawan.


Restoration activities and projects successfully conducted by the EarthCorps alumni since 2001 include:  bioengineering workshops, seedling production, reforestation, and trail building & maintenance.  Several restoration projects have also been conducted in watershed areas in Puerto Princesa City facilitated by the PCC staff and international volunteers. 


Local volunteers as well as representatives from government agencies have undergone such trainings with the expectation that they can teach the communities how to prevent soil erosion in their areas of operation. The PCC staffs are skilled in handling these trainings and conducting restoration projects, having developed modules and workshops based on the EarthCorps training abroad.


In 2007, PCC was able to get assistance from the TOYOTA Environmental Grants Program to fund its Environmental Restoration Project. This initiative was a continuation of previous PCC’s restoration trainings as well as piloting of agro-forestry demo farm, i.e. Slope Agriculture Land Technology (SALT), introduction of techniques to increase efficient use of local resources (e.g. ferro-cement tank construction, biosand filter). The project focused in 5 different critically damaged rural barangays in northern part of Puerto Princesa: Langogan, Santa Cruz, Salvacion, Simpucan and Sitio. San Carlos, Bacungan.

BioEngineerign at the Water Shed of Bgy. Sta. Cruz

PCC Developed Nature Park at Barangay Salvacion

OUR NATURE PARK the Nature Park, initiated by the Earthcorps alumni, was designed to act as a hands-on laboratory for individuals interested in broadening their knowledge and appreciation for the environment and to emphasize the importance of carefully managing its precious resources in a sustainable manner. The camp site has a wide array of trees from conifers, inyam, basa, and other fruit bearers like santol, langka, guyabano,a nd pomelo.

Nature Park has four area to visit: Information Educational Center that is complete with info materials gathered from various NGO’s and LGU’s; the Butterfly garden is kept open to attract other species of butterflies often used as key bio-indicators of a healthy and un-polluted ecosystem due to their extreme sensitivity to pollutants and other factors.

The Gazebo provides a place for recreation such as storytelling and guitar playing during the evening program; and the Nursery Houses various endemic hardwood trees as well as other species. The seedlings are use for the reforestation and restoration project of PCC. Endemic species such as  akle, ipil, amugis, dangkalan, and narra are most common seedlings use for the said project.

Nursery Area Found Inside PCC Nature Park

Palawan Conservation Corps
3rd Floor Puerto Princesa City Coliseum
National Hi-way, Barangay San Pedro
Puerto Princesa City
Palawan #5300
Telefax: +6348.723.0132

Palawan Conservation Corps is duly registered with the
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